Sports Photography Advances with Technology

Panasonic 160 video camera. Photo taken by Brian Lewis.

Minutes after a goal, touchdown, homerun, or score sports fans everywhere are able to watch replays via advancements made in technology and the Internet.

New gadgets emerge on a daily basis due to the advancements being made every single day in technology. These advancements have opened the doors for sports photography by providing equipment that allows a photographer to record and share high definition video and photos immediately.

Ten years ago VHS tapes were the popular format for recording media because of its ability to rewind and fast-forward much faster than its predecessor according to Jason Chavis of eHow. Many cameras now use digital recording formats such as SD cards or compact flash cards. By simply ejecting the card out of the camera and plugging it straight into a computer a photographer is able to view and edit what they captured immediately.

VHS tapes. Photo taken by Brian Lewis.

“One of the pure benefits of the digital era is the ability to see the images you just captured,” freelance assignment photographer Jason Wise said. “Another plus is to be able to deliver images instantly.”

Not only has digital media made it possible for fans to view their favorite teams photos and videos, but it has also cut down the amount of time and work a photographer spends to produce those images.

Patriot SDHC card. Photo taken by Brian Lewis.

“When I was working with VHS I would routinely spend three or four nights at work all night,” said Rob Roberson, Producer of Olympic Sports video at Arizona State University. “When we made the jump to digital technology suddenly I was going home by eight. It was a substantial jump in what I could do and how quickly.”

The rapid growth of the Internet has also made it possible for fans to view all the content that they could possibly want via their mobile device and social networking sites according to Thomas van Schaik of the Sports Networker.

Photographer Brad Mangin shares how professional photos can be developed by using an iPhone and Instagram.


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